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5 Safe Driving Tips for Teens

It is a hard thing for parents to do. Releasing a child onto the roadways alone is scary business, yet teens wait all their life for their chance to drive. Thankfully, though, there are some safe driving tips that can be passed along to teens. Turn Off Cell Phones Cell phones are a major driving distraction even for adults. It is best to keep them off while driving so that the temptation to use them is limited. No calls and especially no texting is the best rule of thumb. Keep Your Read More

Insuring Your Home Renovation Properly

Planning a home renovation? It is an exciting time. You get to choose the colors, and materials you really like to make your home more comfortable. But don't  let this new project turn into a nightmare. You probably already know how important it is to make sure your contractor is insured, but did you know it's also a smart idea to properly insure your home against damage? That's right. Before you start building a new addition, or adding new cabinets to your kitchen, get your policy in Read More

Summer maintenance tips for your car

Summer time is travel time. Every year, millions of Americans head for the open road. Family reunions, amusement parks, camping trips and more. The combination of heat and long periods of driving can take their toll on your car though. To avoid wear and tear on your vehicle, or worse yet, a breakdown, it is important to do some summer maintenance before hitting the road. Tires take a beating during summer months, and owners often forget to check tire pressure. This results in wear, and if Read More

Water Damage Safety Dos and Don’ts

If you experience a flood, there are some important safety factors to remember involving electricity. Stay safe, and keep these tips in mind if this disaster strikes your home or business. Remember that electricity travels unrestricted through water. If you have electrical power strips out of sight behind desks and other furniture, it is easy to forget they are there. When standing water gets to one of these power bars, it can electrocute you if you step into the water, even at the other end of Read More