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Keep Your Eyes on the Road

With the amount of time most people spend in their cars, it is easy to feel comfortable with driving, which could let your mind wander. Being distracted while driving causes more than 500,000 injuries every year. Make sure to recognize these top 3 driving distractions, and follow these tips on how to avoid them. Electronic devices. Any activity that has to do with electronics, such as texting, changing the radio station, or playing with a navigation system can all cause huge distractions to Read More

Is Your Backyard Safe?

With summer in full swing, more and more time is being spent outdoors. The warm weather is the perfect time to spend with your loved ones barbecuing, swimming, and enjoying all that your backyard has to offer. While spending time at home this summer, keep these safety tips in mind to ensure that everyone has a safe and fun summer. Do not allow children or pets to play around the barbecue. Use a chalk line or safety cones to establish a safety zone so children know where they can and cannot Read More

Finding the Right Mechanic

Most people do not think about an auto mechanic until they need one. Finding the right auto mechanic can be stressful, especially if you need a good mechanic, fast. While you can take your chances with any mechanic, it is better to do a little bit of research beforehand. Follow these tips to ensure you are using the best mechanic possible. Use your social network. Reaching out to your social network using social media is a great way to get recommendations of places to go, and places to Read More

Insuring Your Summer Toys

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy all your summer toys, such as your RV, boat, or ATV. Before taking your toys out this summer, it is important to make sure they are ready for all the summer fun. This includes making sure they have the right insurance coverage to make sure they are properly covered. Motorcycle – motorcycle insurance can be tailored to your specific needs, and come with many different options, such as roadside assistance and coverage for your accessories. ATV – your Read More