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What You Need To Know About an SR-22

SR-22 Insurance Basics If you have a less than perfect driving record, chances are you have heard of an SR-22. While many people have heard of an SR-22, not many people really know what it is. Keep this informational guide in mind to ensure that you know all you need to about an SR-22. Most people think that an SR-22 is a type of insurance. However, it is a document that verifies that you are properly maintaining auto insurance liability coverage. SR-22 forms are mandated by the state and Read More

Safe Driving Tips During a White Out

White Out Driving Tips Although today is the first day of spring, it still feels much more like winter, which means there are still plenty of dangerous road conditions. If you find yourself stuck in a white out, it can be a very dangerous situation. Keep these cautious driving tips in mind to help stay safe on the road during a white out. Slow down – keep in mind that speed limits are put up for good driving conditions, such as in the summer. Check your speedometer periodically when Read More

New Technologies To Battle Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving Technologies While most people automatically think of cell phones as the biggest cause of distracted driving, they may be starting to help the issue. New smart phone technology is being developed to help display information on the windshield, which will prevent drivers from looking down at their phone. Similar technology that is being looked at for cars has been used in planes since the 1940s to help pilots land. Experts agree that adding the new technology into cars could Read More