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How To Protect Your Children At Their First Year Of College

College Student Insurance If you sent your child off to college for their first year this month, chances are you are still getting used to them being out of the house. One of the best ways to give you the peace of mind you deserve while your child is away at college is to make sure that they are protected with the right insurance policies. If your child is living in the dorms during their first year at school, your existing homeowners insurance policy should provide enough coverage for all Read More

How Not Answering Your Phone Can Still Lead To Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving When most people think of the causes of distracted driving, they automatically think of cell phones. While cell phones are one of the most common causes of distracted driving, you may not even have to use your phone to get distracted. A simple notification on your cell phone can be enough to impair your ability to stay safe on the road. According to a study by Florida State University, a notification for an incoming text or call, alarm bell, or even a vibration will create Read More

Your Kids Will Love These Healthy Lunch Options

School Lunches Sending your child to school with a full, healthy lunch box can help to ease some of your anxiety about the new school year. While the standard PB&J sandwich is always a hit, there are thousands of healthy options that will keep your kids full all day long. Keep these tips in mind to help build the perfect lunch for your children. Start with basics Fruits – packing fruit in your child’s lunch is a great way to satisfy their sweet tooth without any unnatural sugar. Read More