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The Best Practices to Reduce Risks to Business Vehicles

Reduce Risks to Business Vehicles

Train your drivers how to lower the vehicle risk while on the go. Many businesses across the nation have some sort of vehicle. Whether it’s a single car, van, or entire fleet or trucks, more and more business are going mobile to reach clients and vendors far and wide. When you do own vehicles in your business, it’s easy to purchase commercial auto insurance and be done with it. What you do need to consider, however, is how to minimize vehicle risk to keep your team and trucks safe on and off Read More

Top Rules That Car Passengers Should Follow

Rules for Car Passengers

Follow this passenger etiquette to keep everyone safe and sound during the drive. Drivers encounter many distractions behind the wheel, from cell phones, daydreaming, eating, and the radio. Unfortunately, passengers can sometimes be the most distracting. Everyone hates a back-seat driver, but being a good passenger means more than just limiting your driving advice. If you often commute with friends, family, or colleagues, here are some responsibilities passengers should follow. Buckle Read More

Top Hidden Home Insurance Credits

Hidden Home Insurance Credits

Cut down on your monthly home insurance bill by applying for these credits. When you’re looking for ways to save on homeowners insurance, there’s more that you can do than cutting down coverage and raising your deductible. Simply making your home safer is a reliable route. So that you can face a realistic deductible and maintain the quality coverage that you need, apply for these top home credits instead. Live in a gated community – Those that have the peace of mind that they live in a Read More

How to Handle Scheduled Car Maintenance

Handle Scheduled Car Maintenance

Know your car’s maintenance schedule to keep service costs down. If you’re like most car owners, you spend little to no time preparing for a scheduled maintenance visit to the dealership. Unfortunately, not preparing yourself or your vehicle for required maintenance can be a serious downfall – one that will cost you big. To help you save on costs where possible, check out how to handle scheduled car maintenance. Read the Vehicle Manual The best way to determine this is not to look at the Read More