3 Reasons You Need Life Insurance While You’re Young, Single, and Child-Free

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When you’re young and don’t have the responsibilities of a family, it’s easy to overlook the importance of life insurance coverage. You might wonder if you need a policy and then push it off until several years down the line when you have more financial responsibilities. The reality is that most people can benefit from coverage, whether or not they’re married, have kids or a house. Take a look at just a few reasons why you need life insurance while you’re young, single, and child-free.


Your life insurance premiums are based on your age and health.

Life insurance is based on risk. The older and more health conditions you develop, the higher the chance of you dying. That means that getting life insurance coverage can be easier while you’re young and healthy. Insurance carriers office and price life insurance policies based on your age and health at the time you apply. Life insurers know the younger you are, the more likely it is you’ll be around for many years. This makes insuring you less risky for them and cheaper for you.


It’s important that you get life insurance before you need it. As you get older, you may develop health conditions that could make securing coverage more challenging. When you do take out coverage, be prepared to answer questions about your health.


Life insurance gets more expensive with age.

Your expenses will likely grow as you get older and move forward in your career. Your budget will have to change based on where you decide to live, if you buy a home, and if you get married and start a family. Your life insurance coverage will also need to adapt to reflect these changes. It will most likely cost less to adjust your policy as time goes on than it would be to buy a new policy later on in life. Take advantage of low premiums while you’re young and healthy.


To help financially.

Even if you are young and child-free, you may have financial responsibilities that will need to be handled if you were to suddenly pass. Perhaps you have debt in the form of student loans or car loans. Perhaps you want to cover your funeral expenses (which often run in the thousands) to protect your family from these costs. Taking out a life insurance policy can help with these expenses when you pass.


At Gee-Schussler Insurance Agency, our life insurance agents can help you find the best life insurance rates for those young, single, and child-free. They will help assess the best rates possible and find the coverage you wanted for your loved ones. Working with your specific situation, we are well-versed in insuring individuals, whatever their case.


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