A Fallen Tree Damages Your Home Or Car…What Now?

Storms pose a serious threat to homes all across the country on a regular basis. Some areas are more threatened than others! This year’s winter is predicted to be much more intense than it has been in the past. For those living in the Midwest- this is saying something! Storms can cause all sorts of damage to a home. However, one of the most common damages is a fallen tree! Trees can destroy your home, your car, and other possessions depending on where they land. Here are some things to think about if you’re ever faced with this unfortunate situation:

  • If you have comprehensive auto coverage, you’ll be covered if a tree ever lands on your car.
  • Your policy will pay for replacement up to the cash value.
  • If you don’t have comprehensive auto coverage, then you won’t be protected.
  • If a tree falls on your shed or barn, you’ll need to inspect your homeowners’ insurance policy to determine whether you’re covered.
  • After a tree-falling incident, you should contact your insurance agent and let them know what happened.
  • You’ll then need to make a claim, and an insurance adjuster will be sent out to evaluate the extent of the damage that was done to your car.
  • If a fallen tree makes your home uninhabitable, your insurance policy may cover a hotel stay until your home repairs have been completed.
  • To prevent the possibility of a tree falling on your car, you should make sure to trim down the branches of any trees that may have taken root on your property.

For more insurance inquiries regarding what to do after a disaster like a fallen tree, please contact Gee-Schussler Insurance Agency, located in Illinois! We make your protection our number-one priority!