Back to School Essentials for Every Child and Parent

Back to School Essentials for Every Child and Parent

What your child needs before going back to school.

As the summer sun begins to fade, parents are hit with the reality that their children are heading back to school. While you’re setting the alarm clocks to get back into the school routine of early mornings and early nights, take some time to get your child’s backpack ready.

Set your kid up for success by filling their bag with essentials that will see them through the upcoming school year. Here’s what your child needs:

A backpack. Buy your child a reliable backpack in their favorite color with wide straps so that the weight is distributed across their back. The backpack should have plenty of pockets to hold their lunch, water bottle, books, and writing pads. Let your child choose a bag in their favorite color to get them excited about going back to school.

Stationery. Buy your child the right notebooks, pens, highlighters, and pencils so that they have what they need in each lesson. If your kid is taking classes which require certain utensils, such as math or geometry, be sure to purchase the right compass, ruler, and calculator.

A reusable water bottle. Give your kid a reusable water bottle instead of supplying endless plastic water bottles. Whether they need a sip between classes or on the bus, they won’t have to go looking for a water fountain.

Your contact details. Equip your child your contact details to keep in their backpack in case a member of staff needs to call you immediately. In addition, cut a set of house keys for them to carry in their bag at all times.

A healthy packed lunch. Serving your child the right food for lunch means the difference between a sleepy student and a participating member of the class. Make sure that your child is getting enough greens and grains for their packed lunch.

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