What Are the Benefits of Combining Home and Auto Insurance?

home and auto insurance benefits

If you have homeowners insurance and auto insurance, do you have policies from the same insurer? If not, why not? There are many benefits to combining coverages, ranging from saving you time, money, and making renewal time a snap. You also only have to contact one insurer to review your coverages and renew your policies. To make life more simple, take a look at why you should combine your home and auto policies.

  • It saves you time

How much time do you spend comparing quotes from different insurers? Looking for new coverage can be quite the chore. By bundling your home and auto insurance policies, you get one nifty policy to maintain and just one insurance company to work with. This saves you time on comparing quotes, renewing coverage, and reviewing policies.

  • It saves you money

If you bundle your home and car insurance policies, then it’s likely that the insurer will give you a discount on coverage. This can be anywhere between a 15 and 20 percent discount on premiums.

  • You can add coverage

You can incorporate additional coverage, such as boat, RV, and rental property insurance into the mix. This means that you only have one policy to cover your different assets, which streamlines the process significantly. The extra coverage gives you peace of mind you’re protected, too.

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