Tips to Stay Safe on Your Bike This Summer

Bicycle Safety Tips

More and more people are deciding to ditch their cars in favor of riding their bikes. No matter if you choose to ride your bike for health reasons, or to help save on your gas bill, it is important to make sure that you know how to stay safe while on the road. Keep these bicycle safety tips in mind to make sure that you know how to handle any dangerous situation while cruising down the road.

  • Know the laws – make sure that you fully understand all the rules of the road to ensure that you can confidently share the road with cars. Cyclists are considered vehicles in most cities, which means that they have to abide by the same rules and regulations on the road, including stopping at lights and stop signs, and using hand signals when turning.
  • Watch for cars – you should always keep in mind that the cars on the road are much heavier and more powerful than your bike. They also have many more safety features, including airbags and seatbelts. Cars can be a danger not only when they are moving, but also when they are parked. Many people forget to look for bicyclists when they open their door to get out of their car. Getting hit by a car door can lead to serious injuries. Always be aware of cars that have just parked since it can be a sign that a door will be swinging open very soon.
  • Watch for other bikers – cars are not the only danger on the road when you are biking. Other bike riders can also cause injuries. Always be aware of your surroundings and know how to avoid any dangerous situations before they arise.

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