Hidden Costs When Buying a New Car

Secret Car Costs

When shopping for a new car, you may think that the number that is on the sticker is the only cost that you have to worry about. However, there are many secret costs that can come with buying a new car. Make sure to watch out for these hidden costs so that you can afford the car that you buy.

  • Gas mileage – unless you are buying a completely electric car, you will have to consider how much you will be paying each time you head to the pump. While there will be gas mileage listed on the stats of the car, those will be the best case scenario for the vehicle. Consider your normal driving habits and how it will affect your gas mileage and costs.
  • Auto insurance – the type of vehicle that you buy will have a large effect on how much you pay for your auto insurance premiums. While pricey, sporty cars may seem like they will be fun to drive, they are also more dangerous, which will make them more expensive to insure. If you are looking to bring your auto insurance costs lower, consider an SUV or minivan.
  • Safety – while the safety of a vehicle is not a direct cost of a vehicle, you should still consider it. Having more safety features can reduce the risk of you and your passengers being injured during an accident, helping to avoid any medical bills.
  • Warranty – most new cars, as well as certified used cars will come with a factory warranty, which will cover any repairs that are done in a certain time period. Investing in an extended warranty can help to ensure that you are protected for long after your factory warranty runs out.

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