Child Safety Seats

Your child is the most precious cargo you carry around with you on a daily basis. You want the best for your child and car safety is very important in today’s unpredictable world. Safety, when it comes to child safety seats is about more than picking the newest design or the one with the coolest features. It’s about finding the seat the best meets the needs of your child, as an infant and beyond. Keep these things in mind as you purchase, install, and use child safety seats.

Purchase New Whenever Possible

Money is tight when you’re having a baby. It’s tempting to purchase many items second hands and to accept hand-me-downs. Unfortunately, with all the recalls and the potential for missing parts, pieces, and information, it’s safer to purchase new and register your purchase immediately so that you are instantly notified of any recall or safety concerns.

Check the Condition of the Seat before Installing

Check the expiration date. Yes, child safety seats really do now have expiration dates. Technology is moving forward rapidly and outdated car seats may lack new innovations that make car seats safer. Materials also break down over time and become less effective. Additionally, some car seats are only tested to last a certain period of time. Anything beyond that initial period is anyone’s guess. The best solution is to avoid using car seats that are past their expiration dates.

Make Sure the Seat is Properly Installed

Inaccurate installation could render your child safety seat completely ineffective in the event of an accident. Even for the technically inclined among us, car seat installation can be a bit baffling. You’re using things like tethers and anchors, and other things you don’t normally use in the course of a day. However, these things are necessary in order to maximize the protection the seat provides your child in various types of accidents.

Rear Facing Seat Safety

Finally, never install a rear-facing child safety seat in the front seat of a vehicle with airbags. Because these seats place the head so close to the location the airbags deploy at speeds up to 200 MPH, injury to the head and neck are almost certain and fatalities are a distinct possibility.

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