Claiming Your AC Unit on Your Homeowners’ Policy

Claiming Your AC Unit on Your Homeowners' Policy

Having a working air conditioner is a must during the hot summer months. If your AC unit is damaged, you may be able to file an insurance claim to have it repaired or replaced. You will need to know what caused the damage before filing your claim. It’s also important to know what perils are included in your policy. Document the damage and call your insurance agent to get more information. You should also take a few good pictures that show the extent of your damage.

When Are AC Units Covered?

AC units are normally covered if they are damaged during severe weather. If a lightning strike disables the unit or a tree falls on it, it will most likely be covered. When the unit has noticeable wear and tear signs and needs to be replaced, your agent may deny your claim. Weather-related damage is hard to avoid. When a unit stops working due to age, it would be considered a predictable event and not covered by your homeowners’ policy.

What Type of Unit Do You Have?

There are two main types of units. The smaller air conditioning units fit into your window frame and are treated similarly to your personal possessions. In addition to these smaller units that only cool one or two rooms, there are also larger HVAC systems. These are much larger units and are attached to the outside of your home. They are capable of cooling your entire home and use the same ductwork as your furnace.

Have You Considered a Home Warranty?

Buying a home warranty for the appliances in your home will provide coverage if your homeowners’ policy doesn’t cover damages. Home warranties are available for most of your appliances and larger pieces of equipment. This includes the furnace, air conditioner, and water filtration systems installed in your home. With a home warranty, much of what isn’t covered by your homeowners’ policy will be taken care of.home

Filing a Claim for Your AC Unit

If your AC unit is damaged by a peril you know is covered, you must start the claim process. Document the damage to your property and take detailed photos of the damage. This will help substantiate your claim and make it easier for your insurance agent and the adjuster to make an accurate determination. Once you file a claim and document the damage, your agent will take over and finish your claim.

Your AC unit is a vital system in your home. It’s important that it is in good working order at all times. If you have questions about your AC unit and whether or not your homeowners’ policy covers it, contact us today. The agents at Gee-Schussler Insurance will go over your policy with you and help you get the answers you need. We will also help you get started with the claims process.