Common Mistakes Businesses Make When Filing a Claim

insurance claim paperwork

Avoid making these common mistakes when filing a business insurance claim.


No matter how careful your business can be, accidents happen. If the worst does occur, it’s worth knowing how to file a business insurance claim that will get you back on your feet as quickly as possible. It’s also good to understand the common mistakes businesses make when filing a claim so that you can avoid doing so.


Mistake 1: Not contacting the insurer immediately.

Many people make the mistake of cleaning up the damage before an insurance representative visits the business. This creates confusion about how bad things really were, and you may find that you’re not reimbursed for the total amount. In a disaster situation, many insurers will respond quickly to claims. Just be sure to contact them immediately.


Mistake 2: Not documenting the damage.

In many cases, repairs must be made immediately to prevent additional damage or equipment must be moved to a new location. Before doing any of this, be sure to photograph and video record the original scene so that your insurer can understand the extent of damage.


Mistake 3: Not reading your policy.

It’s a common myth that if you have insurance for a building, you must have coverage for flooding and all other possible calamities. Often, this is not true. Reading through your policy will help you to understand what is and isn’t covered – and how you can fill in those gaps. Ideally, this should be done well before any disaster occurs.


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