Three Costly and Common Homeowner Mistakes

common homeowner mistakes

Owning your own home is a privilege. While it means you can decorate how you wish, you must do what you can do take care of this large asset. Park of that is through regular maintenance and worthwhile protection. Take a look at just a couple of homeowner mistakes to ensure you are doing what you can do protect your property.

Mistake: Overlooking the small stuff

Although these small issues may not seem like an emergency fix, such as a dripping tap, they can turn into larger repairs down the line. If a crack in the deck is left to rot, you may need to replace the entire deck rather than just one or two boards. When you see small issues around the house, take time to resolve them now to prevent costly fixes.

Mistake: Forgoing maintenance on appliances

There are many homeowners that purchase appliances and think they will last years without regular care and maintenance. It’s tempting to overlook appliances such as the washing machine or dishwasher because of how rarely we use them – perhaps only once or twice a week – but all major appliances need TLC over the years.

Mistake: Not getting enough insurance

As a homeowner, you have a lot to think about. At least bi-annually you should pause to consider your home insurance needs. Do you have enough to adequately repair or rebuild your house if something were to happen to it? Have you sold or bought items that require a home inventory update? Work with a trusted home insurance agent to ensure that your house has the right coverage in place.

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