Don’t Let Spring Melt Away Your Safe Driving Habits

Safe Driving Habits & Auto Insurance Orland Park IL

Use these top tips to stay safe on the road!

Now that spring is upon us, most of the snow and ice have melted away. However, it’s important for all motorists to stay safe on the roads. With spring comes April showers and this can quickly make driving conditions unsafe.

As it turns out, wet roads can be just as slippery as ice-covered roads. Even though the ice has dissipated, it doesn’t mean that your safe driving should disappear, too.

Before you head out on spring roads, here are a few tips to help ensure a safe journey!

Don’t use cruise control during heavy rain or hail. Cruise control during low traction conditions can quickly lead to hydroplaning and loss of control of the vehicle. Using the cruise feature also allows you to move your feet away from the pedals, which may be required during an emergency situation.

Replace worn tires. Your tires are more important than you may realize. Tires in poor condition and worn out treads provide less traction, making it slower to stop and may affect driving capabilities.

Update wiper blades. Your wiper blades have seen you through the rain every day in December and the snow in January. Those in bad condition should be replaced as they can hinder visibility in poor weather.

Clean the windows. After a long winter, the salt and grease from the roads can build up on your windows. Cleaning the outside (and the inside!) of the glass can improve visibility and help the defroster clear your windows faster by reducing moisture buildup.

Check the lights. Rain can mist up vehicle lights including headlights, taillights, reversing lights, turn signals, parking lights, and the brakes. Every light is there for a reason – so be sure it can be seen!

Maintain year-round safe driving habits. There are some habits that should be followed whenever you get into a car: adjusting your mirrors, checking your surroundings, and fastening your seatbelt!

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