Driving Tips to Keep You Safe on Fall Roads

Fall Auto Insurance Orland Park IL

Autumn is beautiful but creates a new set of hazards to avoid accidents.

You’re likely to have noticed the changes on the road: more drivers, congestion, and school buses in the morning and afternoon. For all drivers, autumn means adjusting your behavior to a new set of hazards on the road, as well as getting the kids ready for school and changing the clocks!

Fall brings a new set of driving hazards to the table. Here’s how to stay safe:

Adverse weather – The mornings have plenty of sun, even enough to blind you when you face it. Be sure that you take your sunglasses with you in the car for the low sun.

Back to school traffic – Now you have to contend with parents driving their children to school, more buses on the road, and far more stops and drop-offs. Along with this, more children may be roaming the streets walking to and from their bus and school. Take neighborhoods and streets by school slowly as children may dart out at unexpected times.

Fog – Fog’s more likely to occur in autumn, especially in the mornings. This condition significantly reduces visibility and changes your perception of distance. If you have to drive in fog, it’s recommended that you take it slowly and put on your low beams.

Deer – Fall marks the start of mating, migration, and hunting season. These creatures are more likely to come out of the woods and be by the roads. Be watchful, especially at night, and understand you might spot one attempting to cross the road!

Leaves – The changing leaves might look beautiful, but they can be hazardous on the road! Leave plenty of room between you and the vehicle in front of you as the slippery leaves on the road can increase your stopping distance.

Before you head out to the pumpkin patch, be sure to take a look at your auto insurance policy to ensure that you have the right coverage. To get the right coverage for your vehicle, contact Gee Schussler Insurance Agency. We are committed to protecting drivers in Orland Park and surrounding areas in Illinois through fall and beyond!