Fall Checklist to Save Money and Avoid Insurance Claims

Fall Checklist to Save Money and Avoid Insurance Clai

Home maintenance tasks for fall that can save you money.

You may think that giving your home some TLC is only necessary for spring when you’re spring cleaning. However, a bit of cleaning, organizing, and maintenance before each season arrives can help prepare your home. In addition to making the house feel refreshed, there are a few maintenance activities you can do which will prevent some costly homeowners insurance claims. Take a moment to tackle these tasks to ensure your home is ready for fall ahead.

Check key problem areas for heat loss.

As the weather becomes cooler in the fall, it’s a great time to check for places where heat is escaping your home or where cold air is getting in. Doing a check for key problem areas will help prevent weather-related water damage, too. Examine windowpanes, door seals, and thresholds, filling in any cracks and replacing parts that are no longer in good shape.

Prevent water damage.

Water damage continues to be one of the most common causes of home insurance claims. Water entering through windows, roofs, and even the sides or exterior walls of your home could cause major damage over time. Check the water backup valves, the condition of your pipes, and clean out the gutters and drains. While you’re at it, shut off the water supply to your outdoor water faucets and put away the outdoor hose if the temperature starts to dip below freezing.

Tend to your yard.

Although the trees may have provided ample shade for the summer months, it’s now time to think about trimming them back for fall. If there are tree branches overhanging your property, consider having them cut back. Now is also the time to prune shrubs and get rid of dead and dying branches. You don’t want tree limbs to break during a storm and become flying debris that can damage your property.

Remember that there are few home maintenance tasks to stay on top of year round. With preventative maintenance and quality protection, you can feel rest assured your home is protected. Homeowners insurance can safeguard your property and provide support when you need it the most. Ensure that you have the optimum coverage by visiting the professionals at Gee-Schussler Insurance Agency. Our team of professionals is here to help you protect your home in Orland Park, Illinois.