Use These Tips to Keep Your Fireplace A-Glowing!

Fireplace Home Insurance IL

Fireplace Home Insurance ILKeep your crackling fire warming your home this winter.

As the winter season is upon us in the temperature is starting to drop (albeit, gradually!). While there’s nothing quite like the warmth of a fire, there are some essential safety tips to take into consideration. Many are turning to their fireplace as a source of heat to cozy their homes and warm their hearts.

Before you spark up the logs, brush up on your fireplace safety tips!

  1. Hire a chimney sweep – At least once a year, phone your trusty chimney sweep to clean the chimney, remove soot and debris, and save any birds or pests that may be living in the pipes.
  2. Inspect for damage – In addition to cleaning, the chimney sweep should inspect the structure for cracks, loose bricks, or missing mortar.
  3. Cap the chimney – Install a cap with wire-mesh sides to keep rain, birds, squirrels, and debris from entering.
  4. Only burn seasoned hardwoods – Choose dense wood that is completely dry. Softwoods can produce flammable by-product, and throwing your Christmas’ wrapping paper on the fire is an absolute no-no.
  5. Don’t rush it – Never add flammable objects or liquids onto the fire to get it burning. This can be extremely dangerous!
  6. Keep it away – Keep combustible objects a minimum of three feet away from any fireplace.
  7. Use a spark guard – Place a metal screen in front of the fire to catch burning embers or shifting logs.
  8. Use it right – Never use a fireplace for grilling food.

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