Flu Season is Back! Protect Your Office Health With These Tips

Office Cold Health

Get your sniffling employees back on track with these cold remedies and prevention.

Has everyone in your office caught a cold during cold and flu season? Anyone who has had to drag themselves into work with a stuffy head, running nose, and a blazing temperature will know that when someone in the office gets sick, everyone gets sick. From burning candles at both ends to more work with businesses booming in the winter months, colds can spread like wildfire.

Fortunately, with a little TLC and these five natural treatments, you can kick a cold and stop it in its tracks!

Practice good hygiene – Promote regular hand washing in the office and provide employees with their own box of tissues and waste basket to dispose of germ-filled tissues. Put a hand sanitizer dispenser on each worker’s desk so that they can reduce the spread of viruses.

Encourage employees to work at home – To prevent the whole office coming down a nasty virus, encourage employees who are feeling a little under the weather to work from home until they feel 100 percent.

Promote proper nutrition – The best way to prevent cold and flu viruses is to improve the body’s resistance to the virus. Eat plant-based foods and limit your intake of dairy to minimize congestion and speed up the healing process. Eat plenty of greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries, and seeds to promote immunity.

Provide hot tea – Tea contains bacteria-fighting compounds while the warm liquid soothes a sore throat and alleviates congestion! Try green tea or hot water with lemon to stay hydrated while helping out with that stuffy nose.

Allow employees to speak up – Although shaking hands may be a common courtesy in the meeting room, announcing that you’re suffering from a cold and simply saying hello rather than shaking hands won’t be considered poor etiquette. Let your employees know that it’s okay to let each other know that you’re not feeling well so others can take proper precaution.

If you find your office sniffing, sneezing, and wheezing, be sure to use the tips above for a healthy recovery and prevention during cold season! So that you can focus on regaining your team’s health, let the professionals at Gee Schussler Insurance Agency handle your business insurance needs in Orland Park and surrounding areas of Illinois!