Green Practices That Make Financial Sense for Your Business

Green Practices That Make Financial Sense for Your Business

Can going green save your money green in the long run?

Environmentally friendly practices are becoming more and more commonplace among individuals and businesses alike. Going green is a bit of trend, but it’s a trend with a purpose that represents a good cause.

All businesses have some effect on the ecosystem, whether it’s due to wasted paper, old devices that use a lot of energy, or even by using common household cleaners full of nasty chemicals. If you’re thinking of adopting green practices in your business, it’s only natural to want to ensure they’re cost-effective.

Fortunately, you may not have to choose between going green and bringing in the green. These days, many environmentally friendly strategies also help your company produce less waste and save on costs. Here are 10 tips to put your business on the right path.

  1. Purchase energy-efficient equipment and appliances.
  2. Train staff to conserve energy (e.g. turning off lights when not needed, only running energy-intensive equipment when necessary).
  3. Install more efficient lighting (LED bulbs, motion-sensing lighting).
  4. Recycle and/or reuse in-house plastic, paper, metals, and glass.
  5. Create employee incentives for reducing energy use.
  6. Redesign products to require less energy in production.
  7. Increase local purchasing of products (to save on transportation costs).
  8. Enable energy-saving settings on computers.
  9. Install energy-efficient windows.
  10. Install solar panels to cut energy costs.

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