3 Reasons Why Health Insurance Denies Vision Coverage

why vision is not covered in health insurance

Health insurance covers hospitalization, surgery/medicine costs, doctor consultation fee, etc. However, unfortunately, it mostly does not cover vision care, including preventative eye health or when you need a pair of glasses or contact lenses for your vision support. Let us discuss why health insurance does not cover vision care and the inequities it is causing. Insights on Vision Insurance It is a separate policy from regular health insurance. It is not typically included in Read More

Tips and Techniques to Save On Health Insurance

tips and techniques to save on health insurance

Health insurance is a requirement, especially with increasing health issues and healthcare costs. However, many people still choose to forego health insurance because they believe they cannot afford it. This might only be the case sometimes, as there are ways to reduce the cost of your health insurance, such as increasing your deductibles, buying plans funded by the federal government, etc. You can also find a health insurance plan that offers lower premiums and higher deductibles. You can also Read More

4 Tips to Help You Secure Affordable Health Insurance

tips to secure your health insurance

Searching for affordable health insurance is a headache for many people. Perhaps you have been unable to find coverage that aligns with your budget. Luckily, there are a few strategies you can implement to find affordable health insurance. Compare Different Rates You should visit the state healthcare website to learn about different coverage options and the premiums for each plan. Most of the health insurance plans are classified between bronze and platinum. Each color has different Read More

Importance of Closing Liability Gaps for Allied Healthcare Businesses

Liability Gaps for Allied Healthcare Businesses

If you operate an allied healthcare practice, it’s important to have adequate general and professional liability protection. This coverage can protect your business if a patient sues you or your staff, such as a nurse, physical therapist, or dentist, for negligence. However, you may not be fully protected if there are coverage gaps on your liability policy.  Here’s how to plug liability coverage holes for your allied healthcare practice. How Professional and General Liability Insurance Can Read More

The Benefits of Having Health Insurance for Your Children

Health Insurance for Children

Having a separate health insurance policy for your children is the best way to ensure they will always have the amount of coverage they need. Many policies purchased through employers are sufficient but may fall short if your child has a chronic health condition or other issues that require more in-depth care. It's important to have a policy that protects all of their needs. Chronic Health Conditions Chronic health conditions like cystic fibrosis, allergies, asthma, and diabetes require Read More