How to Avoid Distractions When Behind the Wheel

How to Avoid Distractions When Behind the Wheel

Reduce your chances of a collision by eliminating distractions behind the wheel.

Have you ever had an important phone call or text message come through while you were behind the wheel? Were you ever tempted to reply quickly while you were stopped at a red light? It’s a common situation that often results in distracted driving. Unfortunately, this issue continues to cause many accidents and fatal injuries every day.

Defining Distractions

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration classifies driving distractions in 3 ways:

  1. Visual (eyes off the road)
  2. Manual (hands off the wheel)
  3. Cognitive (mind off the act of driving)

This means that any multitasking behind the wheel is considered distracted driving. To stay safe – and keep others safe on the road – it’s important to avoid distractions at all costs. Check out these easy tips to help you monitor and avoid distractions.

  • Eat before you start driving. If you must snack, pull over to the side of the road and stop the car.
  • Never apply makeup, finish dressing, or attempt grooming while driving.
  • Avoid electronic distractions by mapping routes before you begin driving and disabling text and email push notifications on your phone.
  • Use Bluetooth or other hands-free devices in an emergency.
  • Store your phone in the glove box or trunk before you set off so that you’re not tempted to use it behind the wheel.
  • Set up an automatic message that replies to texts and calls while you’re driving to let the individual know you’re in the car.
  • If you need to address a distraction, wait until you can pull over to a safe spot.

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