How to Get an Emergency Storm Restoration for Your Home

storm ahead sign

n Illinois, severe weather can happen at any time. Rain showers can turn into a flood and storms can arrive at your doorstep unexpectedly. If the worst does happen, you may need to repair your home quickly. If hail has damaged your roof or rainwater is leaking in, then it’s essential to act quickly to prevent further damage.


Types of Storms and Severe Weather

There are many situations and weather types that can require a homeowner to take action. Since Illinois can have extremely volatile weather, you may not always be ready for the worst. Common climates that cause damage includes:

  • Flooding
  • Hurricanes
  • Strong winds
  • Hail
  • Tornadoes
  • Ice


How to Handle Storm Damage

In some cases, storms are too powerful and destructive that property damage occurs. If your property suffers damage, then it needs to be addressed immediately to prevent the situation going from bad to worse. But before a professional can help, you may need to take your own course of action.


In an emergency, you may need to conduct emergency repairs, such as tarping the roof to cover a hole that exposes your property. Whether it’s a result of strong winds or debris that was blown into the roof, it’s important to immediately cover up holes in the roof so that it doesn’t sustain further damage.


Always prioritize your safety. That means looking out for potential hazards that could cause injury to yourself or others. Look out for hazardous debris, such as nails. If a tree has fallen down into your building, then it’s best not to enter the property at all. The tree’s limbs may have caused the property to become structurally unsound.  If there has been substantial flooding, water damage, or power lines are down, consider turning off your electric and water supply. Avoid using any appliances. This allows your family to move about safely. In general, if you feel unsafe, it’s best to avoid the situation.


Assess the damage and call your insurance agency. In many cases, your homeowners insurance will help to repair and recover your building and belongings if the damage was due to a listed peril. Always call your insurer as soon as possible to let them know about the damage. They may ask you to send pictures and videos so that they can better assess your situation. While filing a claim, these pictures will be used to justify compensation, so be sure to photograph everything before you start the repairs and clean-up process.


Every home’s needs will be different. Some storm damage can only be repaired by professionals, so be sure to consult others before tackling the work yourself. Get help as soon as you can as prompt action will prevent the damage from worsening and allow your property to be restored to its previous condition faster. While there are minor, emergency repairs you can make on your own following a storm, it is best to leave disaster restoration to the professionals. This is especially the case if water damage is involved.


Now is the time to protect your property from damage and review your home insurance so that you know what is and is not covered. Do you have questions regarding your homeowners insuranceTalk to the professionals at Gee-Schussler Insurance Agency to get started on your tailored policy today!