How to Get Your Business Ready to Close Over the Holidays

How to Get Your Business Ready to Close Over the Holidays

Prepare your business for the holiday shutdown.  

It’s common for many businesses to close over the holidays, allowing employees a chance to enjoy the season with loved ones. If you are planning on closing your business’s doors for a couple of days or even a couple of weeks, there are a few things you need to do to prepare.

  • Send Out a Notification

A couple of weeks before closure, let employees, customers, and vendors know when you will be closing and when you’ll reopen. You can choose to let employees know in a meeting, email clients, and call vendors so that everyone knows ahead of time.

  • Review Your Security

Leaving your business’s property unattended can be a risky move, especially around the holidays. Now is the time to ensure you have plenty of security in place to prevent thefts, break-ins, and vandalism. We hope you’re in the habit of backing up business data regularly, but it’s incredibly important to do so before leaving for a mini-vacation. Ensure all is backed up before you head out for the holidays.

  • Turn Off and Unplug

To save electricity over the season, make sure your team turns off all devices and unplug non-essential appliances before closing up. Electronics like lights, printers, copiers, and computers should be turned off and unplugged, but consider leaving your phone system, fax machine, and refrigeration units on.

These steps will help you to prepare your business for a holiday closure. Need another great way to protect your company? Let the professionals at Gee-Schussler Insurance Agency handle your business insurance needs in Orland Park and surrounding areas of Illinois! Visit us today to get started.