How to Keep Your New Teen Driver Safe on the Roads

How to Keep Your New Teen Driver Safe on the Roads

Essential safety tips to instill in your driving teen.

Your child has finally passed their driving test, and can now drive alone or with friends. It’s a turning point in their life, as well as for their parents. As a parent, you understand how unforgiving the roads can be. You also know that your inexperienced son or daughter may not fully grasp the potential dangers that lie ahead. Take a look at these tips on how to keep your teen driver safe while giving you peace of mind.

Let them practice. Even after they have passed their test, insist on sitting with them for the first couple of weeks. Although you can’t be with them for every journey, you can make sure they continue their good driving habits and gain confidence on the roads.

Insist on seat belts. This advice should go without saying, but teens are notorious for driving without buckling up. Make sure your teen driver gets into the habit of putting on their seat belt before starting the engine and keeping it on throughout the entire journey.

Keep friends out of the car. Your teen’s crash risk goes up when there are other teens in the car, according to research. Make sure your teen drives for a couple of months without friends in the vehicle, and then drive with one or two friends to get used to driving safely.

Explain the consequences. As an adult who has been driving for many years, you know how dangerous the roads can be. Make sure you communicate the consequences of the teen driver’s actions, whether it’s taking their focus, eyes, or hands off the wheel and road for a couple of seconds.

Model distraction-free driving. Even though your teen can drive, they will still need a lift from you now and again. Make sure you example good driving habits by eliminating distractions and following highway codes.

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