Insuring Your Home Renovation Properly

Room AdditionPlanning a home renovation? It is an exciting time. You get to choose the colors, and materials you really like to make your home more comfortable. But don’t  let this new project turn into a nightmare.

You probably already know how important it is to make sure your contractor is insured, but did you know it’s also a smart idea to properly insure your home against damage?

That’s right. Before you start building a new addition, or adding new cabinets to your kitchen, get your policy in order. Not all home insurance policies are the same, and some will not cover accidents occurring during or do to a new renovation.

Some homeowner’s insurance policies exclude certain types of damage from a variety of incidents, be them natural or man made. Your policy can exclude things like burst pipes, or even damage due to ice or snow on that new addition. These are things a contractor may not be liable for.

Make sure you have a policy that covers your newly renovated house. Whether it’s a big addition, or a two story free-standing garage. A policy covering a smaller house just doesn’t protect your newest investment.

If something happens to the new garage you are building before it is completed–regardless of fault, be sure your insurance policy covers it. Otherwise, your insurance company will not step up to the plate. For instance, if there is a fire during construction. Or, damage occurs to your home due to the new addition

Talk to us about updating your homeowner’s insurance today. We can go over your coverage and tell you if your new renovation is covered. Contact us today, we are always ready to help you get the best protection.

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