Is Auto Insurance Cheaper If You’re a Homeowner?

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Can you get cheaper car insurance if you own a property?

Today, every motorist is looking for new ways to save money on their car insurance. Fortunately, you don’t always have to cut down on coverage to save a few pennies every month. If you’re a homeowner, you can save money on your auto insurance by bundling policies together. Bundled policies help you to protect your assets while saving money!

If you take out two or more insurance policies from the same insurer, you can choose to bundle the policies. Often this results in the insurer giving you a discount for your service. This means that you can combine your home and auto insurance policies from a single insurer, helping you to save money, make renewal time a snap, and only having to deal with one insurer.

Homeowners may be able to save money on car insurance because of bundling. However, there are other reasons why a homeowner may be able to pass less for car insurance. Typically, homeowners have better credit and overall financial health. Since insurers check your credit score before assigning you a policy, it pays to have your finances in check. Someone with a higher credit score will be entitled to cheaper insurance premiums than someone with a lower credit score, all other things being equal.

In addition, homeowners who purchase a home in a safe neighborhood will pay cheaper rates than those living in areas where crime is rife. Believe it or not, but your ZIP code plays a significant role in your car insurance premiums. ZIP codes that have high rates of vandalism and theft will be associated with higher insurance rates, both in auto and home insurance.

Auto insurance can be cheaper for homeowners but it’s not always the case. Talk to your insurance agent if you have questions about your car insurance or bundled policies. The team at Gee-Schussler Insurance Agency are ready to find you reliable coverage for your needs.