Is Your Boat Ready for Spring?

a boat on the water

Prep your boat so it’s ready for spring sailing.


Spring is right around the corner and for avid sailors that means one thing – getting the boat ready for spring waters. If your boat has been spending the winter in hibernation, now is the time to get it ready for the season ahead. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up a few handy tips of how to prepare your beloved boat for the season.


Prepare for the season ahead

  • Take a boat safety course and obtain your boating certificate if you have not already
  • Read your owner’s manual and consult the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance guidelines
  • Familiarize (or re-familiarize) yourself with your boat, from the features to the safety precautions


Fill the gas tank

Generally, diesel tanks are filled with fresh fuel before being stored away over winter. Gasoline tanks, however, are usually drained so must be filled up before heading out.


Replace the batteries

Recharge and return any batteries that were removed in the fall back on board the boat. Also, return any safety equipment such as dock lines, flares, fire extinguishers, and floatation devices that may have been removed over winter.


Check the lights

If your boat uses navigation lights, you will want to check those and make sure each light works and is functioning properly. Dim and broken lights can really put your boat at risk of hitting something or even getting hit by another boat.


Clean thoroughly

Even a covered boat can get a little dusty sitting on land all winter. Take this time to give your boat a thorough cleaning inside and out. Pay attention to the hull, deck, and topsides a general cleaning and put on a good coat of wax.


Check the registrations

Make sure you have all current stickers on your boat so that it is legal and ready for the waters.


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