Is Your Classic Truck or SUV Properly Protected?

Coverage for Classic Trucks and SUVs

Owning a classic vehicle is like owning a piece of history. While most people assume that classics are only commuter cars, there are also many classic trucks and SUVs on the road.  If you have a classic truck or SUV, it has spent many miles on the road, which is why it needs to be protected with the right classic truck and SUV insurance.

In order to qualify for a classic truck and SUV insurance policy, your vehicle will have to meet certain requirements. If your truck or SUV is stock, it has to:

  • Be a 1989 model year or older
  • Be in either good or better condition
  • You may be able to insure your truck or SUV while you are still restoring it
  • There will be minimum values that apply
  • Limited coverage for towing and hauling up to 20 times a year

If you have a modified classic truck or SUV, there are various other requirements to meet, including:

  • Must be a 1995 model year or older
  • Minimum values will apply in some cases
  • Limited towing and hauling up to 20 times a year
  • Any extreme off road modifications will not be covered, including roll bars, brush guards, lift kits with large off road tires, and tool boxes.

Since your classic truck or SUV is not valued the same way that a new vehicle is, it is important to work with your insurance agent to come up with the guaranteed value of your vehicle. The guaranteed value is the amount that you will receive if your vehicle is a total loss after a covered peril.

Contact the independent insurance professionals at Gee Schussler Insurance Agency in Orland Park, Illinois for all of your classic truck and SUV insurance to ensure that you have the right amount of coverage for your specific vehicle.