Keepings Costs Down

Money is tight in families throughout Illinois. Households in areas like Mokena, Frankfort, and Manhattan are no exception are often looking for new ways to cut costs on things like auto insurance without sacrificing coverage and benefits. The good news for you, is that there are things you can do that will dramatically reduce your insurance payments over the course of a year.

Choose Safe Cars

It costs less to insure cars that have a history of safety. Resist the temptation to purchase performance cars that are built for speed and promote reckless driving behaviors. Also, avoid vehicles that have high centers of gravity as they pose greater rollover risks. Check out safety ratings to find cars that have five stars, the top rating, for the safest selection.

Educate Teens

In addition to choosing safe cars for your family, it’s vitally important to choose safe cars for teens. Add your teen to your policy rather than getting a separate policy to keep costs down and encourage good grades in school as many insurers offer discounts to students who have a “B” or better average and for those who take driver training courses.

Finally, create your own rules of the road that your teens must follow in order to drive. Educate them on the dangers of texting, drinking, speeding, and other reckless behavior behind the wheel of the car. Don’t simply make rules and lay down the law. Set an example. Your teen is much more likely to do what you do rather than what you tell your teen to do while driving.

Bundle Policies

By having multiple insurance policies (home, auto, recreational vehicles, etc.) with the same insurance provider you stand to multiply your savings. Some companies provide additional discounts for each policy you have through them. This is one business where customer loyalty certainly has its share of rewards.

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