Properly Maintaining Your Antique Car

Maintaining your antique car Orland park IL

Follow these tips for properly maintaining your antique car.

There’s no better feeling than the wind blowing through your hair while you’re driving your antique car down Main Street or an endless countryside road on a beautiful summer’s day. But, because antique cars are usually only taken out every once in a while, many of them require special maintenance specific to their year and model. These tips are sure to help you maintain your antique car in Orland Park, IL.

Below are some maintenance tips that you should know to keep your car in tiptop shape:

  • Be aware of your oil levels. Unless you are driving your antique on a regular basis, you need to check the oil before every drive. If your classic, rare automobile starts to leak oil, it can result in some costly repairs.
  • Make sure it’s clean. Rust and debris can lead to issues with corrosion of important components in your car. To avoid this, remember to thoroughly rinse the undercarriage—especially when it comes to antique pickup trucks. And, to keep your antique car looking like it was bought yesterday, experts advise you wash and wax your car at least once a month.
  • Replace brake fluid to avoid breaking you and your car. Fresh brake fluid is necessary to keep your car’s stopping power under your control, and not gravity’s. Brake fluid has been known to collect moisture if it sits idly. If this happens, and too much moisture is collected brake failure will occur.
  • Lubricate. Antique cars feature driveline components that require lubrication every 2-3 months to avoid overheating when running. This lubrication includes everything from u-joints to grease fittings.
  • Coolant flushes to avoid freezing. At least once a year, you should flush the current cooling system of any antique car/truck you have. This prevents corrosion within the system, which could be very costly, depending on the make and model of your antique. The mixture ratio of most antique vehicles will be approximately 50:50.

Although antiques require a bit of maintenance, there is no replacing that great feeling of driving such a car. Thus, the time and energy required to maintain it is well worth it, and you’ll be thanking yourself as you drive into the sunset with your beautiful antique car. To protect your car against unforeseen accidents, contact the insurance professionals at Gee Schussler Insurance Agency in Orland Park, Illinois. We will work with you to make sure that you have the protection that you deserve through antique car insurance, all at the right price to fit your budget.