Make A Home Inventory For Easier Insurance Claims

How An Inventory Improves Your Insurance Claim Process

If a fire sweeps through your home and destroys all of your personal belongings, knowing that your home insurance would step in to help you replace them would bring you significant peace of mind. That is, until you sit down to fill out your claim and realize you have to remember every single little item you owned in order to get its reimbursement.

Fortunately, you can make this much easier for yourself by preparing a home inventory before disaster strikes. Making a home inventory is pretty simple; your insurance agent should have blank forms or a software you can use to get the guidance you need to ensure every item is listed. It might seem like a little work, but know that it is a one-time project. Once you have your home inventory made, maintaining it is easy.

With your home inventory in hand, filling out claims forms to get your home insurance policy to cover your lost property will be much easier. Just make sure you store your inventory somewhere the disaster that destroys your property could not touch it. A fireproof safe or digital data storage in the cloud are great solutions.

Do you want help creating your home inventory? Contact Gee Schussler Insurance Agency to connect with a team of insurance experts who can help you get started with creating your home inventory and help you get the right Illinois home insurance coverage to protect every item listed on it. Let us make every insurance claim a snap; call our Orland Park team today!