Motorcycle Safety Rules You Should Never Break

Motorcycle Safety Rules & Motorcycle Insurance Orland Park IL

If you own a motorcycle, you need to be diligently observing these safety rules.

When you bought your motorcycle, there was probably, at least, one person in your life who expressed concern about your safety. He or she wasn’t crazy – motorcycles are significantly less safe than cars thanks to the minimal protection they offer their riders. That means that it’s up you to keep yourself safe on your bike. Here are a few safety rules all motorcycle riders should absolutely always follow to protect themselves on the road.

  1. Wear a helmet. We really can’t stress this enough. Think of your helmet like the walls of a car, just more compact and protecting only the most important part of your body. You wouldn’t get into a car with the roof and doors ripped off, so don’t head out without a motorcycle helmet. We shouldn’t have to mention that it’s against the law to ride without a helmet.
  2. Be extra careful. As a motorcycle rider, the onus falls on you to be the smarter person out on the road. Yes, it would be nice if car drivers exercised extra caution when they saw a bike, but you’ve probably seen first-hand that’s often not the case. Look twice before you pull into an intersection and change lanes. Never assume that a driver sees you, either.
  3. Know your environment. With only two wheels for stability, inclement weather is a greater hazard for your motorcycle than it is for cars. Before you hit the road, check the weather and wait out rain for at least the first fifteen minutes so it can wash the slick oil off the road.

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