Night Driving Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life

night driving safety tips

The number of deaths that occur in accidents after dark is three times higher than any other time of day. If you have to drive at night, let a loved one or friend know where you are going and the routes you will be taking. The following tips could actually help save your life.

Check Your Headlights

Always check your headlights to ensure they are in good working order. Clean or wipe them off regularly to make sure you are getting full advantage of them. When possible, drive with your high beams on so that you can get a better view of the road and any potential objects in the roadway. Using your high beams will also make it easier to see movement on either side of the road and could prevent you from hitting an animal. Always make sure to switch back to low beams when another car approaches.

Minimize Your Distractions

Distractions can be deadly during the day. They are even more dangerous after dark. Put your cell phone away, decide on your radio station before driving, and enter your GPS information before you leave. Turn your devices to hands-free if your car offers that option. If you must answer your phone or change your GPS setting, find a place to pull over before doing so.

Watch Your Speed

It’s much harder to see obstacles after dark, even if you have your bright lights on. Don’t risk an accident by racing to your destination. Take your time and leave early so that you don’t feel rushed. Drive at a steady pace and avoid trying to push the speed limit. Always remember to drive at a safe speed, considering the road conditions.

Be Alert and Awake!

Driving after dark can be dangerous if you start getting drowsy. Avoid eating a large meal or taking any medication that might cause drowsiness. If you like coffee or tea, take some with you. The caffeine boost will help keep sleepiness at bay. Check your mirrors often and be on the lookout for animals or road debris. Your visibility is drastically reduced at night, so always be alert.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Late

If possible, don’t wait until the last minute to leave. Get a head start while there is still a little daylight left. A few minutes may not seem like much, but it will give your eyes a chance to adjust to the fading light and make it easier for you to see while you are driving. Leaving early will also allow you to drive at a slower speed.

Driving at night doesn’t have to be dangerous. Take your time and stay alert. Following a few safety tips will protect you and your family while you are on the road. For affordable car insurance that will protect you and your vehicle, contact the team at Gee-Schussler Insurance Agency. We serve Orland Park and surrounding cities in Illinois.