Prepare Your Home For Spring Rain

April showers bring May flowers! Flowers are beautiful, but damage to basements caused by rain is not. Here are some ways to prevent your basement from getting wet and damaged this Spring:

  • Find ways to divert rain water

Prevention is key this Spring. Find ways to prevent the water from getting into your basement. Extend your gutters away from the foundation of your home or into a well.

  • Clean those gutters

Keep your gutters clean during Spring and Fall seasons. This will prevent rain water from dropping directly onto your foundation.

  • Get a sump pump

A sump pump is an extra step in removing the water that has accumulated from your basement, preventing further damage.

  • Insure your home

In the event that all of these techniques (and others) still don’t keep your basement from water damage, insurance is key to getting your home back to its original state.

If you live in the surroundings of Orland Park, Gee Schussler Insurance Agency wants to help you protect your home. Contact them to talk about the coverage you may need today.