Prepare Your Property for Winter to Reduce Damage Costs

snow on top of the roof

Easy home maintenance jobs for winter.  

When the temperatures start to drop, it’s a good idea to carry out a few quick jobs around the home to prepare for the colder months. A little preparation now can help to reduce property damage and home insurance costs down the line. Here are some easy, cost-effective steps to protect your property this winter.

Care for the pipes

Every winter, many homeowners suffer from frozen pipes at home but there are some simple steps you can take to reduce the risk of freezing and subsequent bursts.

  • Keep your heating on low – even if you head out of town for a couple of days
  • Make sure the pipes are well maintained. Check there are no cracks or signs of damage
  • Keep the garage door closed when possible
  • Wrap the exposed pipes in insulation

Clean the gutters

Check the gutters and downpipes for debris and leaves and clean regularly to prevent blockages in heavy rain. Check that the downspouts are directed away from the home’s foundation.

Tend to the yard

Trim trees and hedges and remove dead or weak branches to prevent them from coming down in windy weather and cause damage to your property. Ensure that paths and handrails are secure, too, and that they are clear of moss which can be slippery.

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