Protect Your Family From Carbon Monoxide Poising

Carbon monoxide, known as the silent killer, is one of the biggest dangers in a home. Carbon monoxide, known as CO, is an odorless, tasteless, and colorless gas can create big problems for both people and animals if it is inhaled. Taking the proper precautions can help to ensure that you and your loved ones stay safe while in your home.

Carbon monoxide comes from any fuel-burning appliance that was improperly installed or is not working properly. These are appliances such as furnaces, fireplaces, generators, and wood burning stoves. Vehicles also emit carbon monoxide fumes, which is why you should never leave a car running in an enclosed space.

Typical symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are many flu like symptoms, such as dizziness, nausea, and disorientation. If you suspect that someone in your household is suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning, make sure to take them to an open area, such as the front yard, and call the paramedics. If you have time, make sure to turn off all fuel-brining appliances and try to open windows and doors to help air out the home.

One of the best precautions that you can take to protect your loved ones is to install carbon monoxide alarms throughout your home. Make sure to install the alarms on every level of your home and outside of every bedroom. Make sure not to place the alarms near a door or a window. Make sure to check them at least once a month to ensure that they are working properly.

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