Is Your Renter’s Insurance Lacking Coverage?

Renter’s Insurance Orland Park IL

Bridge the gap in your renter’s insurance to safeguard your possessions.

While living under someone else’s roof can take away the pressure of building maintenance, it leaves your belongings vulnerable if you don’t maintain the proper protection. Your landlord will almost certainly have landlord insurance, which covers all sorts of damage to the property itself, but no protection for you.

This is where renter’s insurance steps in! Purchasing a policy means that you don’t have to foot the bill when your belongings are stolen or damaged by fire, vandalism, or natural disasters. Also, you do not have to worry about medical bills and lawsuit expenses if someone were to be injured on the property.

Sufficient Coverage

When purchasing renter’s insurance, you should ensure that all of your belongings are covered; otherwise, the point of having insurance is irrelevant. Take an inventory of your belongings and determine the value of all of your possessions. That way, you have a figure in mind of ideal financial coverage. If you own expensive jewelry, sporting equipment, or fine art, you may need to purchase additional coverage for your high-value belongings.

Exclusions to Note

Typical renter’s insurance policies don’t provide coverage against floods or earthquakes. Flood insurance and earthquake insurance policies must be purchased in addition to renter’s insurance. While you may think you’re safe in a high-rise building, or that waiting to purchase insurance until an earthquake is predicted is a good idea, note that floods can destroy building structure and that a policy usually takes up to thirty days to take effect.

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