Shopping for a Safe Car

You drive around some very important people on a daily basis. Whether it’s a group of friends, your family, or you make your daily commute solo, the people your car carries are precious cargo. You need to make sure they’re adequately protected by choosing a safe car. It’s nice to get all the latest gadgets and gizmos, but it’s even more vital to find a car with the latest safety features to keep you safe while on the road.

Look for Cars with 5-Star Safety Ratings

The 5-Star Safety Ratings program is part of the New Car Assessment Program of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The rating scale goes from one to five stars with five-stars representing the safest cars on the roads today. The program measures crash protection and rollover safety in order to provide a complete picture of how safe all makes and models are for drivers.

Choose Vehicles with Electronic Stability Control

This feature offers immeasurable benefits to drivers on today’s road. It helps drivers maintain control over their vehicles when it is necessary to brake suddenly or swerve. Government studies indicate that this safety feature is responsible for a reduction of 59 percent of single-vehicle SUV crashes and 34 percent of single-vehicle car crashes. Because of the wide success of electronic stability control for preventing crashes, the government requires all cars manufactured beginning in model year 2012 to have this safety feature equipped.

Test Drive the Car for Comfort

Finally, if you’re not able to drive the car comfortably, the pain or discomfort of driving is going to be a constant distraction while on the road. You need to find a car that’s a good fit for your height, that allows you to reach the pedals comfortably, and seats that are adjustable to your preferred driving position. While you’re testing the car out, make sure you’re able to adjust all the mirrors so you can comfortably use them while driving.

It’s important to find a safe car and practice safe driving habits yourself. However, some accidents are unavoidable, not to mention no fault of yours. When accidents do happen, it’s equally important to have the right insurance coverage on your side. Contact Gee-Schussler Insurance today to learn about your auto insurance options and find the right plan to meet your needs.