What You Need To Know About an SR-22

SR-22 Insurance Basics

If you have a less than perfect driving record, chances are you have heard of an SR-22. While many people have heard of an SR-22, not many people really know what it is. Keep this informational guide in mind to ensure that you know all you need to about an SR-22.

Most people think that an SR-22 is a type of insurance. However, it is a document that verifies that you are properly maintaining auto insurance liability coverage. SR-22 forms are mandated by the state and filed by your auto insurance company with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

There are many different situations which could cause you to need an SR-22, including:

  • If you were convicted of a traffic offense and could not show financial responsibility.
  • If you are caught driving without auto insurance.
  • If you have had a DWI or DUI, or any other serious moving violation.
  • If you get too many traffic tickets in a short period of time.
  • If you have a suspended or revoked driver’s license.

While the cost of an SR-22 can range from $15 to $25, it will mean that you will have to pay higher auto insurance premiums. Your auto insurance premiums are based off of how much of a risk you are to your insurance company. If you have to file an SR-22, it means that you have had serious issues in the past, which tells your auto insurance provider that you are a risky driver. Shopping around for the right insurance policy with an SR-22 can help you save some money, but you should not expect to get low rates from any company.

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