Stay Safe on Your Motorcycle with These Tips

Motorcycle Safety Tips

Ride the open summer roads with these safety tips in hand.

With the weather warming up comes the excitement to bring out the motorbike that has been stowed away for the colder months. Motorcycle riders are knowingly more likely to get in a deadly accident, therefore it’s crucial to follow some strategic and simple safety tips while having summer fun out on the roads!

Always use your signals.

Most motorcyclists are cautious, responsible riders. As a result, bikers tend to drive defensively among vehicles on the road. To let drivers behind you know your next move, always use your signals and indicate with plenty of time for them to see and slow down.

Take a review class.

Even if the state you live in doesn’t require you to take a motorcycle safety class, you should anyway. This course will teach you the basic safety laws as well as how to respond to emergencies. Here, you’re able to practice your skills in these safety courses and learn how to avoid unsafe situations.

Invest in the right gear.

Wearing the proper protective wear can safeguard you from road hazards such as small rocks, bugs, and even minor skids on the road. Wear full-length protective gear, including gloves and boots. Specialized attire should be lightweight and breathable, while maintaining protection.

Ride at your skill level.

Going fast and weaving in and out of traffic may seem easy and fun, but it’s important to remember skill takes practice and you can easily improve your skills with some patience and time. Look into taking an advanced motorcycle course at a dealership.

Wear a helmet.

So many motorcyclists think that wearing a helmet isn’t necessary – but research shows head injury to be the leading cause of death of motorcycle riders. Rather than investing in a novelty helmet sporting your favorite football team, invest in one approved by the Department of Transportation that has been tested and provides standard protection.

Safe driving habits and the right gear is just the start of how to stay safe on the roads. For the quality motorcycle insurance that protects you, your vehicle, and finances, visit the team at Gee Schussler Insurance Agency, serving Orland Park and surrounding cities in Illinois.