Adding Your New Gifts to Your Homeowners Insurance!

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Protect those presents that you received this holiday! Christmas Day and the holiday season often bring an abundance of gifts along with the festivities! You may have received quite a few good, and expensive, gifts under the tree! Now that you’ve unwrapped Santa’s presents, it’s time to gather your gifts and protect them. Since you’ll want your presents to last for many years to come, it’s important to cover them with the right protection. As electronics and jewelry are the two most common Read More

What You Need To Know About an SR-22

SR-22 Insurance Basics If you have a less than perfect driving record, chances are you have heard of an SR-22. While many people have heard of an SR-22, not many people really know what it is. Keep this informational guide in mind to ensure that you know all you need to about an SR-22. Most people think that an SR-22 is a type of insurance. However, it is a document that verifies that you are properly maintaining auto insurance liability coverage. SR-22 forms are mandated by the state and Read More