Driving Tips to Keep You Safe on Fall Roads

Fall Auto Insurance Orland Park IL

Autumn is beautiful but creates a new set of hazards to avoid accidents. You’re likely to have noticed the changes on the road: more drivers, congestion, and school buses in the morning and afternoon. For all drivers, autumn means adjusting your behavior to a new set of hazards on the road, as well as getting the kids ready for school and changing the clocks! Fall brings a new set of driving hazards to the table. Here’s how to stay safe: Adverse weather – The mornings have plenty of Read More

Back to School Essentials for Every Child and Parent

Back to School Essentials for Every Child and Parent

What your child needs before going back to school. As the summer sun begins to fade, parents are hit with the reality that their children are heading back to school. While you’re setting the alarm clocks to get back into the school routine of early mornings and early nights, take some time to get your child’s backpack ready. Set your kid up for success by filling their bag with essentials that will see them through the upcoming school year. Here’s what your child needs: A backpack. Buy Read More

Overnight Oats for On-The-Go People!

on the go breakfast

A healthy (and simple!) way to start the day! For busy businesspeople to kids in school – this breakfast recipe is perfect! It’s loaded with nutrients and energy, and is vegan, gluten-free, oil-free, refined sugar-free, and soy-free! You’re probably wondering if this recipe actually tastes of anything… Luckily, this breakfast is tasty! You may consider doubling the recipe because this all-natural breakfast will leave you wanting more. With little hassle and quality ingredients, whip this Read More