A Detailed Look at Umbrella Insurance: What Is It & What Does It Cover?

A Detailed Look at Umbrella Insurance: What Is It & What Does It Cover?

Umbrella insurance is a form of extra liability coverage that covers your expenses when you have reached the maximum limits on your existing policies, such as home and auto insurance. Umbrella insurance policies help protect your assets in emergency situations. They appeal to people who have a significant amount of assets. If you work in a high-risk endeavor, umbrella insurance can protect you if you are sued for causing property damage. Umbrella insurance strives to fill in the gaps left in Read More

The Issue With Insurance Coverage Gaps

Coverage Gaps Orland Park IL

Having gaps in your coverage can lead to serious financial issues. Insurance is meant to provide financial protection after an accident. Unfortunately, most people have gaps in their insurance coverage, which can mean paying thousands of dollars for damages that are incurred. Filling the gaps in your coverage is the best way to ensure you stay financially stable after any incident. When it comes to covering gaps in your auto insurance policy, you should think about investing in a specific Read More

Cover Your Assets With An Umbrella Insurance Policy

Umbrella Insurance Basics With all the insurance policies that you invest in, it can be easy to assume that you have enough coverage for any peril. However, all insurance policies have limits on what they will cover, which can lead to you having to dig deep into your pockets to cover damages. Luckily, investing in a personal umbrella insurance policy can help to ensure that you are not financially devastated from one accident. Personal umbrella insurance policies will provide extra Read More

Throw The Best Holiday Party With The Right Insurance Policy

Insuring Your Holiday Party With the holiday season in full swing, you may find yourself planning a holiday party for all of your friends and family. While creating the perfect menu and putting up all of your favorite decorations, it is also important to make sure that you have the right amount of insurance coverage in case of any unfortunate incident. For most small accidents, your existing homeowners insurance policy should provide enough coverage. The liability portion of your policy will Read More

Insurance for Your New Married Life

Getting married is one of the biggest changes you can make in your life. Along with expanding your family, you may also need to expand your insurance policies. Make sure to keep these tips in mind so that you have the right amount of insurance coverage once you say “I do.” Homeowners insurance. If you move in with your new spouse to a new house, it is important to make sure that both of your names are on the homeowners insurance policy, as well as the policy for any vacation properties you Read More