How to: Winterize Your Car

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Prep your car for the winter season ahead! As winter draws in, driving conditions are usually somewhere between tricky and treacherous. In short, the next couple of weeks are officially the worst to be on the road. With the low-sun glare, fog, high winds, torrential rains, snow, and ice on the horizon, the number of accidents is poised to soar throughout the months of November, December, and January. Fortunately, many accidents can be avoided with a bit of pre-planning and some regular car Read More

Adding Your New Gifts to Your Homeowners Insurance!

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Protect those presents that you received this holiday! Christmas Day and the holiday season often bring an abundance of gifts along with the festivities! You may have received quite a few good, and expensive, gifts under the tree! Now that you’ve unwrapped Santa’s presents, it’s time to gather your gifts and protect them. Since you’ll want your presents to last for many years to come, it’s important to cover them with the right protection. As electronics and jewelry are the two most common Read More

Winter Vacation Preparation Tips

Leave your worries at home and take insurance coverage with you.  With winter break just around the corner, you may be getting pretty excited about the vacation you have planned.  Finally, time to relax - an opportunity to escape from the mundane tasks of daily life! A momentary, geographical cure, if you will. Although you follow yourself everywhere, your insurance coverage may not. Here are three suggestions to consider as your vacation approaches: Read up on the coverage offered by Read More

Tips To Stay Warm and Save Money On Your Heating Bill

Money Saving Heating Tips The cold winter weather is still hanging around. While you are dreaming of a warm tropical beach and turning up your thermostat to stay cozy, make sure to think about your wallet. Each time you turn up your thermostat, you are adding more money onto your energy bill. Keep these money saving tips in mind to help ensure that you stay warm while saving money. Befriend the sun – while the sun is out during the day, keep your blinds and curtains open to allow the sun Read More

Tips To Stay Safe On Winter Roads

Winter Driving Tips As the temperatures continue to drop during winter, you may find yourself navigating snowy and icy roads. While avoiding the roads completely during the winter season is the safest option, it is not very practical. Keep these safe winter driving tips in mind to ensure that you stay safe each time you get behind the wheel. Never drive when you are tired. Make sure that you get the proper amount of rest before you head out on the road. You are more likely to get into an Read More

Winterize Before Packing Up At Your Vacation Home!

Are you one of the lucky Americans who are fortunate enough to own a second home? Vacation homes are typically found in the mountains, near the beach, near lakes, or anywhere else where there’s nice weather, while your other location is miserably cold or hot. Before you pack up and head home, there are a number of tasks you should take care of at your vacation home to ensure it will be prepared to face the cold temperatures of the winter months. Here are a few recommendations to get you Read More