Teenage Drivers

Your teen is precious to you. The only thing more terrifying than allowing your teen to leave the house every day is the thought of your teen behind the wheel. You’ve taken every precaution to ensure that your teen knows the rules of the road, practices safe driving, and keeps a wary eye out for other drivers on the road. Now it’s time to make sure your teen has the safest set of wheels possible to arrive at his or her destination safely.

Check out Vehicle Safety Ratings Before Buying

Vehicle safety ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration date back to 1990. The NHTSA rates cars on a scale of one to five for many criteria. The newer ratings are more elaborate than those for older model cars and may include things like driver side safety, passenger side safety, front driver and side safety, and rollover risks.

Avoid High Performance Vehicles

As much as teens want high performance vehicles, speed kills. Teens are better served driving cars that aren’t built to drive at high speeds or for high performance.

Skip Vehicles with High Centers of Gravity

Vehicles, such as trucks and SUVs, with high centers of gravity are more likely to rollover than those with lower centers of gravity. Also, consider looking for vehicles that have ESC (Electronic Stability Controls). Federal law requires all vehicles made after 2012 to have ESC (Electronic Stability Ccontrols), which helps drivers maintain control of the car when stopping suddenly and/or swerving.

Check the Mechanical Soundness of the Car

Before allowing your teen to hit the roads in his or her new ride, it’s a wise plan to take it to a mechanic to test its mechanical soundness. Not all risks are related to the driving of a vehicle. Tires installed improperly, brakes in a bad state of repair, and other mechanical problems present tremendous hazards for your teen. It’s worth the investment in a mechanic’s inspection to ensure your teen’s safety and restore a little peace of mind to you.

Finally, set a good example for your teen when you’re behind the wheel. Put down your cell phone, pay attention to the road, and talk to your teen about the dangers of high speeds, text messaging, and alcohol with equal emphasis. When the time comes to ensure your teen’s new car, make sure you call Gee Schussler Insurance to get a fair quote and excellent advice.