Thanksgiving Safety Steps!

A Thankful Thanksgiving: Health & Safety

Whether you are a host or a guest, stay safe this Thanksgiving by following a few easy, safety tips!

Expecting to cook for your family this year? The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) offers some kitchen-specific tips to ensure the safety of you and your guests:

  • Be aware in the kitchen at all times. Keep an eye on what is cooking on the stovetops as well as how the turkey is coming along in the oven. Never leave the kitchen when food is cooking on the stovetop and never leave the home when there is food in the oven!
  • Keep the floors clear of obstacles that could trip your guests. Also, be aware of appliances on counters, sharp objects and cords that are out.
  • Make sure that your smoke alarms are working properly. It is also a good idea to have a fire distinguisher on hand that you and your family members know how to use.
  • Be mindful of what you are wearing while you are cooking. You would be surprised how many fires start as a result of loose clothing coming into contact with a hot burner!
  • Do not leave children alone in the kitchen and make sure they remain at a safe distance from any hot surfaces!

Traveling to visit family this Thanksgiving? If you are going to be traveling an extended distance this holiday season, there are a few safety precautions you may want to consider to protect your home while you are away:

  • Don’t leave a house key hidden outside of your home.
  • Make sure your home is completely locked before departure, including windows and back doors.
  • Have a friend pick up your mail, newspaper and deliveries. Think about having them move your car a few times as well, depending on your travel arrangements.
  • Consider turning your home phone ringer down so that it cannot be heard from outside.
  • Try not want to broadcast your travel plans to people you aren’t familiar with: this includes posts on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Consider getting a security system. The system will dispatch the police and fire department if an emergency were to occur while you are away.

You and your family’s safety are of the utmost importance to us. Don’t forget to contact Gee Schussler Insurance Agency in Orland Park, Illinois for all of your insurance needs.