Three Questions to Ask Before Buying a Home

handing over keys

Consider these questions when you’re ready to purchase a property.


When you’re thinking of buying a home, you will know that there’s a lot to consider – the house itself, the price, location, your budget, and so on. To help you keep track of what property is right for you and your wallet, take a look at these questions to ask before buying.


What’s included in the sale?
Ask this question to clarify what the sellers will take with them and what they’ll leave. It’s usually best to get this in writing, especially if they promise to leave behind a high-value item like a built-in sound system.


Does the house pose any health or safety hazards?

This is an important question to ask before buying a house. Certain substances can harm your family’s health, which means your dream house is not worth the risk. Common hazards to look out for include lead paint, asbestos, radon, mold, and infestations.


Has the house seen any major renovations?

Updates to a house may add comfort and value, but they’re also an opportunity for things to go wrong, especially if the owner was trying to save time and money by cutting corners. If the property has had renovations, ask the seller for details about who did the work and get their contact information.


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