How a Ticket Can Affect Your Auto Insurance

Ticket Can Affect Your Auto Insurance

Will your speeding ticket affect your car insurance?

It’s an experience many drivers may know: being late for work and speeding up a little, or accelerating to enjoy the open road. Suddenly, those blue and red flashing lights in your review mirror have you slowing down to a halt.

Once you’ve been slapped with a speeding ticket, you may start to think how this will affect your auto insurance. Here’s some basic information on how, and why, getting a sleeping ticket can alter your auto coverage.

Need for Speed

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners states that auto insurers take into account your driving record when setting up the cost of your coverage. Traffic violations, such as speeding tickets, are considered part of your driving record. In the insurers eyes, if you have traffic violations, you’re likely to file an auto insurance claim – and so your premium increases.

Speeding can affect your insurance in a number of ways:

  • Increased rates. The more traffic violations you have, the more likely it is you’ll see increases in the cost of insurance. Drivers who receive speeding tickets may be considered a higher risk group and, therefore, be charged more for car coverage even if they haven’t made a claim themselves.
  • Less cost reduction over time. Getting multiple traffic tickets may cause you to miss out on cost reductions on your insurance. In general, more experienced drivers are likely to pay less for auto insurance. However, a poor driving record might reduce or even eliminate any benefit you might receive from gaining experience.
  • Loss of standard coverage. If your traffic violations and record reflect serious offenses, such as driving under the influence, your auto insurance may kick you off your insurance policy completely!

Whether you have a clean driving record or a non-so-clean record, securing quality auto insurance will allow you to protect your vehicle and finances! Contact the insurance professionals at Gee Schussler Insurance Agency to get started on your policy in Orland Park, Illinois today.